IOTA powered asset management computer

End-to-end solution for companies, individuals and investors in the asset management industry.


IBERIAN platform

IBERIAN will create a solution for all companies, individuals and investors in the asset management industry thanks to IOTA technology and Qubic smart contracts.

A solution for


inside the asset management industry like hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds or investment banks.

IBERIAN is a way for creating much more efficient funds while dramatically reducing costs, enabling a much more efficient asset management activity. On one hand, this will be achieved by offering a complete asset management software platform where investment entities can customise every aspect of a fund and how the fund is managed choosing between different service providers for aspects such as the Exchange, the Price Feeds, support for trading algorithms (if any) and many others. On the other hand, entities have the ability to dramatically cut costs associated with the traditional asset management activity by transitioning to a digital fund structure using IBERIAN, where only a Manager, helped by Qubic smart contracts, is needed. This enables cheaper, more secure and efficient funds.

A solution for


that have the intellectual capacity but not the capital resources to create a traditional investment fund.

IBERIAN, thanks to DLT and cryptocurrency focused investment funds have the ability to give individuals the possibility to create and manage their own decentralised investment funds and manage their money and the one of the people that trust them. Eventually, if they build a reputation proving to be profitable and trustworthy over time, even manage to attract more potential investors on the Fund Marketplace due to their outstanding performance and turn into a reliable and important fund manager.

A solution for


The decentralised IBERIAN Fund Marketplace provides an easy and secure way to invest money.

The purpose of this marketplace is to make life easier for all investors, managers and companies and that’s why we are creating it in a way that makes all parties benefit the most from it:

  • 1. Precision. The marketplace will allow investors to use as much filters as wanted (3 years average return, total fund capitalisation, number of investors per fund, duration, name of the manager/entity…).
  • 2. Security. It makes investing more secure since all the track record of every fund and manager is stored on the Tangle, the safest way for data storage, and showed publicly when looking at them in the marketplace.
  • 3. Marketing. Managers and entities will have cost free publicity. The ones with an outstanding performance will appear first in rankings, making them more visible for potential investors.
  • 4. Privacy. Automatic or manual access with the option of private links and passwords.

The IBERIAN Fund Marketplace will be the cornerstone of the supply and demand of investment vehicles, connecting managers, entities and investors in the same place.


IBERIAN aims to disrupt the asset management industry by offering an end-to-end solution for all the problem the industry currently presents:


These are the main problems the asset management industry presents:

  • Economic and legal entry barriers
  • Asset management associated high costs
  • Current difficulty on choosing a fund by investors


IBERIAN is a solution for all parties involved in the asset management industry: companies, independent managers and investors:

  • Tool for the creation and management of investment funds
  • Smart contract enforced risk management
  • IBERIAN Fund Marketplace for investors


STO set for summer, 2020

STO dates will be delivered as soon as we end the PoC development

Hard Cap
Soft Cap 3,000,000 €
0 € 10,000,000 €

We accept


token price


total supply


To fund the future operations of IBERIAN, a security token offering or STO is set for Summer 2020. Opting for an STO instead of the popular ICO, is based upon a number of factors.

Why an STO?
  • Security
  • Liquidity
  • Volatility
  • 80% to the Public
  • 20% for the Team

IBERIAN aims to lift the restrictive measures that limits the abilities of individual investors in the traditional world of finance. At the same time, we want the same protective measures of the current financial system to protect the people that want to invest into our mission.

Meet the Team

team member

Juan is a serious and passionate entrepreneur studying simultaneously a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Master in Stock Exchange and Financial Markets, complementing this with his his job as a trader and his position as IOTA Evangelist at IEN.

Juan A. Pérez-Gómez
Founder & CEO
team member

Tomàs is an Andorran experienced executive with broad experience managing global IT services and IT organisations on international companies leaders of their respective industries, delivering to companies innovation, efficiency and operational effectiveness with natural leadership ability and management capabilities.

Tomàs Pacheco
team member

Roger is a computer scientist with decades of experience in software development. Expert on super scalable technologies and big-data systems, constantly open to technological innovation. Freelancer and perpetual entrepreneur, the right mix to turn an idea into reality.

Roger Giuffrè

team member

Steve is a serial entrepreneur in the field of finance & digital asset management. Graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance and International Business, he is a motivated team player who excels in simplifying the complex in a pragmatic manner.

Steve Nabil Lauritsen
Head of Business Development
team member

Sergio is an experienced software engineer with fifteen years of experience in both the private and public sector working for companies such as Coca-Cola, Bank of Santander, Volkswagen, Vodafone, the Spanish Professional Football League or the Spanish Treasury.

Sergio Morollón
Project Manager & Scrum Master
team member

Maxime is a young entrepreneur that has been working in the DLT industry since the age of 18. At the same time, he is enriching his knowledge and skills in International Financial and Business management by attending two top universities in different countries simultaneously. Maxime has a network of high-end finance industry executives from Gibraltar, Switzerland, Malta, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Maxime Hinnekens
Business Developer